Session Abstracts

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 09:25 am
PANEL: The Progress of 5G Spectrum and Regulatory Policy

Essential to the advent of commercial standardized 5G technology deployments beginning in late 2018 will be the identification and allocation of more licensed, shared and unlicensed spectrum in the low, mid and high bands, as well as appropriate regulatory policy for future network densification. This panel of worldwide experts provides an overview of their region’s progress to enable 5G deployment, challenges faced and solutions provided.

Moderator: Mr. Chris Pearson, 5G Americas


Dr. Peter Stuckmann, European Union

Mr. Ku Wen, China

Mr. Donald Stockdale, U.S.A

Mr. Gaku Nakazato, Japan

Mr. Juseop Sim, Korea

José Gustavo S. Gontijo, Brazil

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 10:45 am

KEYNOTE: Building our 5G Future

 Sprint’s vision for 5G and its plan to deploy a mobile 5G network in the first half of 2019. The promise of delivering 5G services and applications to subscribers is beyond just mmWave spectrum and smartphones. In this session you’ll learn about Sprint’s technology deployment strategy and roadmap for success, building a 5G network using its 2.5 GHz spectrum portfolio. Attendees will gain insight into future use cases for 5G, and the opportunities and challenges ahead as ecosystem partners around the world work to usher in the next generation of wireless networks.

Keynote: Dr. Ron Marquardt, VP of Technology, Sprint

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 11:05 am

PANEL: Global Operator Viewpoints: Regional Visions of the 5G Network

While the 5G standards process assures ubiquity and interoperability, regional considerations may create different visions of 5G as operators analyze their spectrum portfolio, 5G use and business cases develop and other technological considerations surface.  Regional innovators discuss the aspects of 5G as prioritized for success in the countries of their region for the benefit of enterprise, operators, governments and society. What are the deliverables for 5G and how is this being fostered for the future?

Moderator: Mr. Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, 5G-IA


Ms. Zhiqin Wang

Mr. Akira Matsunaga

Dr. Haesung Park

Ashok Rao

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 12:05 pm

KEYNOTE: Spectrum Strategies for 5G Success

This keynote will cover the evolution of 5G and the importance of including all spectrum bands in the conversation, as each band provides a critical contribution to the overall 5G experience. The evolution to 5G holds a promise of not only enhancing existing services and use cases, but also extending wireless to cover new services. Different use case categories will have varying requirements for spectrum. T-Mobile has its own view on spectrum strategies for the 5G era. The keynote highlights the role spectrum will play in T-Mobile’s 5G plans based on industry standards-including: national coverage and reliability from low-band spectrum; reliable capacity and consistent mobile broadband speed with mid-band spectrum; and multi-gigabit hotspots in urban areas and on campuses with millimeter wave.

Keynote: Mr. Karri Kuoppamaki, Vice President, Radio Network Technology Development & Strategy, T-Mobile USA

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 12:25 pm

KEYNOTE: Preparing for 5G: NFV, SDN and Multi-Access Edge Computing

Learn about the latest new technology developments that are transforming today’s networks. Find out what the infrastructure requirements are for the rollout of 5G and hear how 5G trials are influencing the development of new products and services. As a 5G industry expert, Caroline Chan will discuss the role of the cloud in 5G networks, 5G infrastructure roll outs and use cases for MEC, and the transformative application of AI in 5G networks.

Keynote: Ms. Caroline Chan, Vice-President, Network Platforms Group & General Manager, 5G Infrastructure Division, Intel

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 1:45 pm

KEYNOTE: 5G Trials: Lessons Learned for Delivering Next Generation Services

This keynote examines the results from 5G simulations, tests and trials. Over time, 5G will utilize low, mid and high-band spectrum. However, the critical trials for the industry over the past few years have involved the wireless industry using mmWave for the first time to deliver next generation 5G services. This presentation will provide both the lessons learned from the AT&T 5G Trials and how they affect AT&T’s 5G vision for delivering innovative next generation services to customers.

Keynote: Mr. Dave Wolter, AVP Radio Technology & Strategy, AT&T Labs, Inc

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 2:05 pm

PANEL: 5G Trials and Pre-Commercial Launches: Concrete Results and Lessons Learned

This panel of international operators has been testing, trialing and working toward their future 5G networks along with their vendor partners. There have been dozens of announcements worldwide of a wide variety of elements in future network design and architecture. This panel explores the actual results of tests and trials performed over the past few years with expectations for coverage, download speeds and latency for a variety of use cases.

MODERATOR: Dr. Shaoli Kang, Datang Telecom Group


Dr. Yukihiko Okumura

Mr. Brian O’Shaughnessy

Mr. Yunsoub Shin

Mr. Luciano Leonel Mendes

Dr. Didier Bourse

Dr. Chih-Lin I

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 3:05 pm

PANEL: 5G Trends and Collaborations: Regional Trends and Inter-Regional Cooperation Activities

With representation from the leading regions in 5G development – China, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and the Americas – the panel explores how collaboration can help in the development and deployment of 5G technology. The six 5G visionary associations engaged in the Memorandum of Understanding for this bi-annual Global 5G Event share their viewpoints on regional trends, international collaboration activities and how they are progressing 5G across governments, enterprise, operators and society.

Moderator: Mr. Iain Gillott, iGR Research


Dr. Colin Willcock

Dr. Kejun Wei

Dr. Kohei Satoh

Prof. HyeonWoo Lee

Dr. José Marcos C. Brito

Mr. Chris Pearson

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 4:30 pm

KEYNOTE: The Standardization of 5G: Implications of Evolving from 3GPP Release 13 to Release 16

Standards that are anything but standard
If we want our industry to be at the forefront of the next generation of technology, we have to make exceptional innovation the standard for all, regardless of whether or not that gives our competitors an advantage. We have to rethink the meaning of competitive advantage and see it as something we equip our entire industry to possess over and above any one player. Of all the standards we’ve contributed to over the decades, these are the most essential to get right as they will be the foundation stone to the age of automation.

Keynote: Mr. Peter Linder, Ericsson

Day 1, May 16, 2018 – 4:45 pm

PANEL: Network Architecture Transformation from LTE-Advanced to 5G: Real World Experiences in Evolving Networks

Today’s LTE has transformed substantially from legacy LTE technology deployed as early as 2009. In 2022, there will be an expected 5.6 billion LTE subscribers (Ovum) globally and the LTE-Advanced networks will form the mobile wireless foundation for 5G. This panel explores the real-world steps being taken by operators worldwide as LTE networks progress their network architecture capabilities for the revolution and evolution to 5G.

Moderator: Dr. José Marcos C. Brito, 5G Brazil Project


Mr. John Baker

Mr. Akira Matsunaga

Mr. Jean-Pierre Bienaimé

Mr. Nivi Thadasina

Mr. Ray Butler

Mr. Jean-Pierre Bienaimé

Day 1, May 16, 2018- 5:45 pm

PANEL: Recap and Highlights of the Day – Experts on the Hot Seat

With leading industry analysts to interpret the information shared by global 5G visionaries during the day, this exchange offers summarization and analysis of key points and offers the audience a chance to drill down on questions pending in their minds. Audience interactive session.

Moderator: Ms. Vicki Livingston, 5G Americas


Dr. Monica Paolini

Ms. Susan Welsh de Grimaldo

Mr. Mark Lowenstein

Mr. Chetan Sharma

Day 2, May 17, 2018- 9:00 am

KEYNOTE: The PyeongChang 5G Experience

KT, an official partner of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, showcased a pre-commercial 5G trial service in promotional areas in PyeongChang and Gangneung as well as locations in Seoul and Gangwon-do. The 5G trial was part of an overall larger telecommunications endeavor to provide world class telecommunications infrastructure, services and applications to the international sporting event.  The 5G trial provided tremendous insight for the current and future development of the 3GPP 5G standard. The keynote will offer technology and application insights on the PyeongChang 5G experience through the eyes of KT.

Keynote: Dr. Won-Yeol Lee, Director, 5G Access Team, Infra Lab, KT

Day 2, May 17, 2018 – 09:25 am

PANEL: 5G Services and Use Cases: The Future of High Speed, Low Latency, Large Capacity Networks and the Massive IoT

5G technology will spur a new era of use cases that utilize the new power of these networks. What future business and services can take advantage of 5G technology? This panel addresses the possible use cases that are envisioned with 5G over the coming years taking into account the 3 general areas of use cases considered in standards development—enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency communications and massive IoT. Some of the use cases are here today with LTE-Advanced, while others are more futuristic. These panel experts are service providers, academics and vendors who have a wide perspective and scope for a global picture.

Moderator: Dr. JunHwan Lee, 5G Forum and ETRI


Mr. Takehiro Nakamura

Prof. HyeonWoo Lee

Dr. Shaoli Kang

Dr. Luciano Leonel Mendes

Dr. Arunabha Ghosh

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ergen

Day 1, May 17, 2018 – 10:50 am

KEYNOTE: Preparing Tokyo for 5G

This keynote explains the commercial deployment plans of preparing Tokyo for 5G. The Metropolitan area of Tokyo, Japan encompasses 5,240 square miles and a population base of over 38 million inhabitants. In 2020, the world will be watching as Japan will host a very important international sporting event that will be supported by standardized 5G commercial technology for the very first time. This presentation will highlight the operator development and deployment plans in place to commercially deploy 5G.

Keynote: Mr. Takaharu Nakamura, Acting Chairman, Technical Committee, 5GMF & Fujitsu

Day 2, May 17, 2018 – 11:05 am

PANEL: 5G Ecosystem: Chipsets, Infrastructure, Security, Devices, Artificial Intelligence and More

The 5G ecosystem provides new capabilities not seen before in wireless networks. This entails an interwoven ecosystem where all facets of the ecosystem foundation will need to be addressed to fulfill the promise of 5G.  Innovation will happen with 5G technology only if all areas are properly addressed. This panel addresses the timing for chipsets and devices as well as the security being built into the standard so that all the use cases including Artificial Intelligence can be embraced by the connected society.

Moderator: Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, 5GMF and NTT DOCOMO


Dr. Sam Samuels

Mr. Ce Zhao

Mr. Emmanuel Dotaro

Dr. Jee-Hyeon Na

Mr. Takaharu Nakamura

Day 2, May 17, 2018 – 12:15 pm

PANEL: The Future of 5G: The Ultimate 5G Experts Panel

What is the reality of 5G? What use cases will be addressed first? What are the issues and opportunities for 5G as the industry looks out two, five or ten years? This panel of experts will take questions from the audience on the relevant real-world considerations of 5G today and tomorrow.

Moderator: Prof. Giovanni Corazza, CINECA


Dr. Simone Redana

Ms. Zhiqin Wang

Dr. SunCheol Gweon

Mr. Mats Norin

Mr. Takehiro Nakamura